Powerful web and PHP development environment. Both supports macOS and Windows

PhpWebStudy supports a wide range of technologies essential for web development. It includes PHP, MySQL, Caddy, Nginx, Apache, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Memcached, Redis, and Pure-FTP, ensuring compatibility with most web applications and frameworks.

PhpWebStudy is an all-in-one PHP development environment that includes everything you need for PHP development. Dynamic servers, Static servers, DNS servers, FTP servers, PHP and NodeJS, Databases, Data caching, Data queues. Dual platform support, consistent experience


Lightning-fast performance
No virtual containers, all modules run as native static binaries. It's extremely fast. At the same time does not take up too much system resources
Comprehensive Functionalities, Any Combination
AMP? NMP? NMPA? +Redis? +Memcached? All in one. Caddy, Apache, Nginx, PHP, Mysql, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached. Any combination of functionalities to fulfill your needs.
Deeply optimized for development
Bug, check the logs? If it's running slow, change the configuration file? Logs and configuration files, throughout the programmer's entire development career. PhpWebStudy has been deeply optimized for this , so that you can more quickly view the log , modify the configuration file .
Production environment, seamless integration
Just develop, don't know how to deploy? No problem locally, but when you go online, something goes wrong? Domain names, SSL certificates, configuration files, can be quickly modified, and the production environment to maintain consistency, truly seamless integration with production environments
「Talk is cheap. Show me the App」
tools tools

A variety of useful tools to enhance the development experience

  • System environment quick view and edit
  • /etc/hosts file quick view and edit
  • Select or drag and drop folders to quickly create static sites
  • Quickly generate self-signed SSL certificates to access sites using https
  • File information preview, view file size, creation and modification time, md5, sha, sha256 and other information
  • Timestamp and time conversion to each other
  • Port and Process Occupancy Finding and Cleaning
  • PHP code obfuscation
  • More tools are being added...
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Commonly Asked Questions

PhpWebStudy is currently free, there is no plan to charge. We don't rule out the possibility of a paid version, but even if there is a paid version, we guarantee that it will not affect the users who are already using it.

Supports macOS Big Sur 11 and later macOS systems. Windows is also supported. The interface and the way of using it are the same in both cases, so there is no need to change platforms and re-adapt to other software.

No, PhpWebStudy does not provide any module binaries, all binaries are from the official, you can experience the latest official version in time!

No effect, PhpWebStudy program files and user data are separate, delete or upgrade PhpWebStudy, will not affect the original data.

User's projects, which are not assigned to a specific folder, can be in any directory and are managed by the user.

PhpWebStudy supports PHP5.6-PHP8.x(latest version) by default. Users can follow the official update of PHP, and use the latest version of PHP in time.

PhpWebStudy includes the following PHP extensions: memcache redis ssh2 swoole xdebug amqp apcu calendar curl dba dbase enchant event exif ffi ftp gd gearman geoip gettext gmagick gmp iconv igbinary imagick imap intl ipc jsmin ldap lzf mailparse maxminddb mbstring mcrypt memcached meminfo mongodb mysql mysql_xdevapi oauth odbc opcache openssl openswoole oracle pcntl pcov posix postgresql pspell psr raphf rar rrd scrypt snmp soap sockets sodium solr sqlite sqlsrv stomp svm tideways_xhprof tidy timezonedb uploadprogress uuid vld xapian xmlrpc xsl yaf yaml yaz zip zstd

No need. PhpWebStudy provides ready-to-use default configuration files for each module, just use them. Users can also modify the configuration files for each module in a very intuitive and convenient way.

Compared to Docker, PhpWebStudy is more intuitive and ready-to-use. All modules run as native static binaries, which is faster and consumes fewer resources. Configuration files and log files are also easier to view and modify.

Compared to Homebrew, PhpWebStudy is more centralized and intuitive. There's no need to enter commands, or search through folders for configuration files and log files. You're already using Homebrew, why not take it a step further and try PhpWebStudy?

Compared with MAMP, XAMPP, herd, PhpWebStudy relies on Homebrew and Macports, which have a much larger developer base, to support a much more comprehensive range of modules, and can use the latest version of PHP, Mysql or other modules in a timely manner, some of the older versions can also be used. And do not have to wait for MAMP, XAMPP, herd, etc., completely their own software to provide.

No need. No moving files, no importing or exporting data, no need to do anything to switch to PhpWebStudy from your old environment.

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