Why need computer password?

When PhpWebStudy is first used, it requires a password for the user's computer. This is a required field and cannot be skipped. Many of PhpWebStudy's features rely on a computer password. The following is a list of features that cannot be used without a computer password.

1. Nginx and Apache start on ports 80 and 443

On macOS, to use ports smaller than 1024, you must use the sudo command, otherwise it won't work. The default ports for http and https are 80 and 443. If you don't want to carry a port number with you when you access a site with a domain name, then nginx and apache must be started as sudo.

2. Installation and uninstallation of software in MacPorts

MacPorts installs and uninstalls software, which must be installed using sudo.

3. Reading and writing configuration files for software installed by MacPorts

MacPorts installs software that requires sudu to read and write files. For example, the php.ini configuration file for php.

4. DNS server

The DNS server uses port 53 by default, and since it is smaller than 1024, it must also be started with a sudo command.

These are the reasons why PhpWebStudy requires a computer password. These are hard limitations of the system, all applications of the same type, ask for permission, PhpWebStudy is no different from any other application.