PHP Extensions-swoole

1. swoole extension: Swoole is PHP asynchronous, parallel, high-performance network communication engine, written in pure C language, provides PHP language asynchronous multi-threaded server, asynchronous TCP/UDP network client, asynchronous MySQL, asynchronous Redis, database connection pool, AsyncTask, message queue, millisecond timer, asynchronous file read and write AsyncTask, Asynchronous DNS Query. Swoole has a built-in Http/WebSocket server/client, Http2.0 server side. Swoole can be widely used in the Internet, mobile communications, enterprise software, cloud computing, online games, Internet of Things (IOT), Internet of Vehicles, smart home and other fields.

2. The swoole extension is PHP version specific, for php versions less than 5.5, swoole uses version 1.10.5, php5.5 - php5.6, swoole uses version 2.2.0 php7.0 - php7.1, swoole uses version 4.5.11, php7.2 - php7.4, swoole is using version 4.8.11, php version > 7.4, swoole is using version 5.0.0

3. If not installed, click Operation->Install to install the swoole extension

4. After installation, you can click Operation->Copy Link, copy the extension link code and paste it into the PHP configuration file to use the swoole extension

5. After changing the PHP configuration file, remember to click Restart or Reload Configuration in the Services section to make the configuration take effect