Php and Web development environment manage tool for MacOS system

Makes setting up php and web development environment on macOS so easy, Support the latest PHP8, Mysql8


PhpWebStudy, the better way to manage your local server environment


One-stop management of software commonly used in development

php, mysql, nginx, apache, memcached, redis, nodejs multi-version coexistence, one-click installation, according to the need, choose the corresponding version for development, configuration file and log quick view and modification, one-stop management, save time, save life, more software support coming soon


A variety of useful tools to enhance the development experience

  • System Hosts file quick view and edit
  • Select or drag and drop folders to quickly create static sites
  • Quickly generate self-signed SSL certificates to access sites using https
  • File information preview, view file size, creation and modification time, md5, sha, sha256 and other information
  • Timestamp and time conversion to each other
  • Port Occupancy Find and Cleanup
  • Process search and cleanup
  • More tools are being added...
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Application Interface

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